Press Release 11/29/2019

Bluebeard. While Listening to a Tape Recording of Béla Bartók’s “Duke Bluebeard’s Castle” – A Piece by Pina Bausch


PREMIERE OF THE RESTAGING Friday 24 January, 7.30pm

Opernhaus Wuppertal



Ladies and Gentlemen,


In January 2020 the Tanztheater Wuppertal presents Bluebeard. While Listening to a Tape Recording of Béla Bartók’s “Duke Bluebeard’s Castle”, a restaging of one of Pina Bausch’s seminal early masterpieces. It premiered in 1977 and toured to cities all around the world in the 1980s. The piece counts among her most radical and uncompromising works, breaking with any form of conventional dance aesthetic. A brave experiment combining elements from different genres, it is a disturbing and at the same time moving balancing act across various forms of love – tenderness and violence, pursuit and failure, hope and the abyss. Especially scandalous at the time was the extreme fragmentation of Béla Bartók’s music, which is not treated as a coherent score but drives the unique narrative with manic interruptions and repetitions of individual passages. 

The work has been meticulously restaged for an entirely new cast by Barbara Kaufmann, Beatrice Libonati (guest artist), Héléna Pikon and Jan Minarik (guest artist), who created the role of Bluebeard in 1977.


43 years after its world premiere, we are excited to celebrate a new premiere for this piece and delighted to invite you to attend.


Further performances  25. 26. 28. 29. 31. January and 1. and 2. February 2020. Ticketsale starts 29. November 2019 at 10:00 am, Tickets or Kulturkarte +49 202 563 7666


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