Press Release 16.01.18

Josephine Ann Endicott to dance in The Seven Deadly Sins

Josephine Ann Endicott, former dancer at Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch and currently rehearsal director of the eagerly awaited new production of the Brecht-Weill double bill The Seven Deadly Sins (Die sieben Todsünden), will be on stage in some performances of Part II, Don’t Be Afraid (Fürchtet euch nicht), the only dancer from the original 1976 premiere. Music comes from the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra under the musical direction of Jan Horstmann.

For over forty years Josephine Ann Endicott performed the role of Anna II in The Seven Deadly Sins (Part I) sometimes in rotation with Julie Shanahan. Now two dancers from the younger generation Stephanie Troyak and Tsai-Chin Yu have been double-cast in this role.  For three evenings Endicott will dance in Don’t Be Afraid to three of the songs from The Threepenny Opera: ‘Kanonensong’ (‘Army Song’), ‘Eifersuchtsduett’ (‘Jealousy Duet’) and ‘Ballade vom angenehmen Leben’ (‘Ballad of the Easy Life’).

The Berlin-based singer, director and actor Cora Frost will take on the role of Anna I in The Seven Deadly Sins and in Don’t Be Afraid will sing the numbers previous sung by performers such as Ute Lemper and Meret Becker. The role originally occupied by Mechthild Großmann will be filled by Therese Dörr, a member of the Schauspielhaus Bochum company. Other guests are also performing the work for the first time include Jürgen Hartmann, a Schauspielhaus Bochum company member, familiar to many from a number of film and TV productions notably by Tom Tykwer, and Ingeborg Wolff, a member of the company at Wuppertal Theatres for many years who will sing ‘Das Meer ist blau in Don’t Be Afraid (Part II). 

Performances on 21, 23, 24, 26, 27 and 28 January 2018

Wuppertal Opera House, Kurt-Drees Str. 4

Photographs available on Request

Returns may be on sale on the night