Héléna Pikon

was born in Suresnes in France in 1956. She began dancing professionally in 1975, at first with Jacques Patarozzi in the company La Main. Her first appearance with the Tanztheater Wuppertal was as a guest dancer in 1977, in Renate Emigrates. In 1981, Pina Bausch invited her to join the company as a permanent member of the ensemble. She was part of the original cast in Walzer, Carnations, On the Mountain a Cry was heard, Two Cigarettes in the Dark, Viktor, Ahnen, The Piece with the Ship, Ein Trauerspiel, Only You, The Window Washer, Wiesenland, Água, For the children of yesterday, today and tomorrow, Ten Chi, Full Moon, 'Sweet Mambo', as well as in Bon Voyage, Bob by the guest choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen. She also appeared in The Complaint of the Empress, a film by Pina Bausch, and in Wim Wenders’ film PINA.

★ - Cast of the premiere