Aatt enen tionon | herses,

duo | Café Müller

Club Amour

Total duration: approx. 2h30min

The programme contains nudity. Recommended beyond the age of 14.


In the early filmed versions of Café Müller, it is striking to see desire at work. Bodies seek one another, grope for one another; fingers call out for touch. The life of the theater intersects with the life of the artists. The roles seem to be carved out of thick human relationships. This made me want to present the play on an evening where love, loves, desire, desires would be the core. I then thought of two plays in “my” repertoire that also touched on these issues. This is a test: to give the dancers from Tanztheater Wuppertal, who have not yet danced these pieces, the opportunity to confront the rough subtlety of Café Müller, the unrestrained radicality of Aatt enen tionon, as well as to perform a duet from herses (une lente introduction) with bodies tangled with one another in absolute contact. The evening promises to be restless: Purcell meets PJ Harvey, Café Müller’s ageless costumes come together with Aattt enen tionon’s nudity, and all three pieces set Tanztheater Wuppertal 2024 ablaze!  

Boris Charmatz, March 2023



Programme for the piece

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Café Müller

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Aatt enen tionon

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herses, duo

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