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Season 2021/22

Dear Audience, Dear Friends of the Tanztheater,

The 2021/22 season will be my last one. In November 2018, I agreed to take over the artistic directorship of the Tanztheater Wuppertal for two-and-a-half years, starting in January 2019. Now, on the request of the Mayor of Wuppertal, the board of directors and the ensemble, I have extended my stay for another year.

This gives me the opportunity to, if not complete, then at least continue the work that I have begun with my colleague Roger Christmann, the ensemble and the Pina Bausch Foundation. Like all ensembles, the Tanztheater has been badly affected by the coronavirus restrictions and has only given very few performances since March 2020. Because of their complex dramaturgy and multiple copyright issues, Pina Bausch’s pieces are currently not suitable for online streaming. We are all the more pleased that the new season looks set to take place under largely normal conditions again. This means that you, dear audience, can once again see our performances live from the auditorium.

In 2021/22 we will present 10 pieces, 8 by Pina Bausch and 2 new productions. Our season begins with a tour to France and Russia, performing Wiesenland and Full Moon in Clermont-Ferrand and Saint Petersburg.

Then, in November, we will be back on stage at the Opera House in Wuppertal for the first time, presenting the premiere of Richard Siegal’s new piece: Shooting into the Corner (working title), performed in an installation by the British Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor. The premiere of Rainer Behr’s new work, a film version of which will be shown digitally on 2nd July 2021, will take place at the Opera House on 20th January 2022.



As the new season starts, we are presenting the ensemble of the Tanztheater Wuppertal in a new way: as well as offering insights into the dancers’ artistic biographies for the very first time, we are also publishing snapshots of them performing in recent works as part of our new project FACES. Each image captures an instant, a mere fraction of a second, in the transformation process that a dancer goes through when he or she dances in a piece by Pina Bausch. The black-and-white photographs are not intended to be portraits, but rather the response of another artist – the photographer Jochen Viehoff – to the dancer’s body, face and movement in a moment of rapture. It is only on stage that such heightened moments of transformation and magic can take place.

As time goes on, new photographs will be added to document the wide range of expression in Pina Bausch’s works.

Bettina Wagner-Bergelt












»The questions never stop, and the search never ceases. There’s something infinite in it, and that’s what’s so wonderful about it.«

Pina Bausch