Complete Works


Opera House Wuppertal

Ensemble members of the Tanztheater, musicians, actors, singers and special guests will perform on the stage and in other spaces throughout the opera house:

18:30 pm


Suprises in the Foyer
With ensemble members of the
Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch


19:00 pm


Welcome and season preview
Adolphe Binder


Seven with piano

Song recital with our guests from the production „The Seven Deadly Sins“:
Jan Michael Horstmann, Therese Dörr, Jürgen Hartmann, Mark Bowman-Hester, Sebastian Campione, Sangmin Jeon, Simon Stricker


20:00 pm


„Immer schön der Reihe nach“

„Reihen“ from pieces by Pina Bausch

„Momente“ from pieces by Pina Bausch

With the ensemble of the Tanztheater
Wuppertal Pina Bausch


21:15 pm


Basel & Söhngen Quintett

Maria Basel - Vocals
Christof Söhngen - Guitar
Nils Tegen - Piano
Reza Askari - Contrabass
Maik Ollhoff - Drums




Programme / Organization:
Katharina Bauer, Rainer Behr, Peter Bellinghausen, Matthias Burkert, Karsten Fischer, Nayoung Kim,  Daphnis Kokkinos, Manfred Marczewski, Maik Ollhoff, Ursula Popp, Gerburg Stoffel, Robert Sturm, Jo Verlei