Fire & Flame

Fire & Flame

Fire & Flame Fire & Flame stands for creative exchange, and aims for social and artistic heterogeneity. The spectrum ranges from the ensemble’s choreographic research-laboratory, workshops for professionals and amateurs, and encounters with artists, to the participation in artistic processes interdisciplinary programme series and discussion forums, to site-specific actions, projects for young people and home visits by the company. The desire to flaunt boundaries in the exchange between fellow humans and practitioners from the arts and culture scene, to encourage and inspire each other, all play a role, along with curiosity about the unknown and the ability to delight in »play«.

Fire & Flame sees itself as a platform for communication and active involvement in dance at the theatre, for anyone who loves to experiment, friends of dance and for artists.

Youth project

"tanz, tanz ..."

Around 350 Wuppertal children and young people are discovering the joy of movement, the power of dance to integrate, and the delights of creativity, accompanied by Tanztheater Wuppertal dancers, and artists from other disciplines.
Under the intendance and artistic direction of Adolphe Binder, and as part of the participative project Fire & Flame, in 2017/2018 the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch is launching a major youth dance project in Wuppertal, funded by the Lucerne Art Mentor Foundation. The project aims to provide a platform for education and active participation in dance and theatre, and sees the start of a broad participative venture which will continue to be one of the main focusses of the Tanztheater Wuppertal’s work in coming years.
With this youth dance project, the company is striking new paths. The project aims to make music, dance and art generally accessible to children and teenagers from diverse social and cultural backgrounds throughout the city of Wuppertal, to introduce them to various artistic forms of expression and movement, and various art forms, and to provide them with creative spaces and the chance to participate.