Palermo Palermo

A piece by Pina Bausch
In coproduction with Teatro Biondo Stabile, Palermo and Andres Neumann International

Director and Choreographer Pina Bausch
Set Design Peter Pabst
Costume Design Marion Cito
Musical Collaboration Matthias Burkert

Music Edvard Grieg, Niccolo Paganini, traditional music from Sicily, South Italy, Africa, Japan and Scotland, Renaissance music, Blues and Jazz from Amerika und others.

Premiere 17 December 1989, Opera House Wuppertal

International engagements / Tours
1990 Palermo, Milan, Bari 1991 Antwerp, Paris, New York 2000 Hanover 2005 London, Antwerp 2008 Kawasaki City, Düsseldorf 2011 Weimar 2012 London 2014 Paris 2015 Taipei 2016 Berlin

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Gert Weigelt Francesco Carbone  Matthias Zölle
Foto: Gert Weigelt