Nazareth Panadero awarded the 2014 Spanish National Dance Award

On 20 October 2014 Nazareth Panadero received the Spanish National Dance Award in the category performance (Interpretación). The choreography award (Creación) went to Daniel Abreu. Awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, each prize is worth 30 000 Euro. The jury decided by a large majority to award the prize for best dancer to Nazareth Panadero, “as a performer with an extensive career behind her, for her work passing on Pina Bausch’s heritage with her company, the Tanztheater Wuppertal, and an outstanding proponent of dance theatre, one of the most significant twentieth-century artistic languages, exemplified in ground-breaking productions such as Café Müller, Nelken (Carnations), and The Rite of Spring, amongst many others.

The jury consisted of Montserrat Iglesias Santos, director general of the National Institute for Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) as president; the director of the institute’s music department, Antonio Garde, as vice president; Xosé Paulo Rodríguez Domínguez, nominated by the Spanish theatre association (Red Española  de Teatros,  Auditorios,  Circuitos  y  Festivales  de Titularidad Pública); Pilar Moreno Sastre, nominated by the Ministry for Social Services and Equality; Ana Victoria Cabo González; Omar Kahn Ibarra; and Antonio Najarro, director of the Spanish National Ballet.

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