Season 2017–2018

The Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch is entering its forty-fourth season. From the start, it has stood for wildness, wisdom, creative exploration and dedication combined with passion. Never tired of questioning, and continually demanding more freedom, I associate its tradition with unwavering curiosity and courage.

“Sometimes, we can only clarify something by confronting ourselves with what we don’t know. And sometimes the questions we have bring us back to experiences which are much older.” Pina Bausch’s approach demands an expedition, tearing down boundaries, hungry for knowledge of what moves people. For us it is both the inspiration and the motor, the incentive to take new paths and see things with new eyes.

Creative play generates its own reality: that of possibilities. The 2017-18 season thus combines seminal works by Pina Bausch, from various periods of her career, for the first time with two new full-length works by the trans-disciplinary artists Dimitris Papaioannou and Alan Lucien Øyen and Teams. A legendary ensemble of dancers will perform on stages from Wuppertal to New York, from Taipeh to Paris, representing three generations and nineteen countries, some of them members of the company for decades, others recent additions. We wish to create new spaces for interaction and to be a source of inspiration, on both large stages and beyond.

Follow us as we pass on the glowing embers. And the matches! I am looking forward to our first season together!

Adolphe Binder
Intendant and Artistic Director

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Café Müller,

The Rite of Spring, Viktor, Carnations, New Piece, Nefés

New York, Ottawa, Oslo, Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Taipeh, Taichung, Paris …


Fire & Flame

Fire & Flame stands for creative exchange, and aims for social and artistic heterogeneity. The spectrum ranges from the ensemble’s choreographic research-laboratory, workshops for professionals and amateurs, and encounters with artists, to the participation in artistic processes interdisciplinary programme series and discussion forums, to site-specific actions, projects for young people and home visits by the company. The desire to flaunt boundaries in the exchange between fellow humans and practitioners from the arts and culture scene, to encourage and inspire each other, all play a role, along with curiosity about the unknown and the ability to delight in »play«.

Fire & Flame sees itself as a platform for communication and active involvement in dance at the theatre, for anyone who loves to experiment, friends of dance and for artists.

Further information by September 2017 here.

»I think it is important to know the world one lives in.«

Pina Bausch